Supporting Fertility & Assisted Conception, Pregnancy, Menopause, Stress & Anxiety, Relaxation & Wellbeing complemented by Massage Therapies.

WELCOME to the Reflexology Studio, Complementary Health practice  located in Ogmore by Sea also covering Cowbridge,Vale of Glamorgan, Bridgend, CARDIFF. The place where you can relax and rebalance your body and soul, where you can forget your worries, refocus your mind and recharge your energy.

Reflexology and massage are well known complementary therapies that help you to achieve your wellbeing goal of feeling and looking well, embracing life and feeling energised.

Chrissy Bonner MAR, MARR is a fully qualified Clinical Reflexologist & Professional Massage Therapist, specialising in Women's Health.  A member of the Association of Reflexologists (AOR), Association of Reproductive Reflexologists (ARR),  Federation of Ante Natal Educators (FEDANT).  Chrissy works at her home practice based in Ogmore-By-Sea near Cowbridge which is easily accessible from Cardiff, Bridgend, Vale of Glamorgan,

Parking is available.

At the Reflexology Studio, Ogmore By Sea  we specialise in WOMEN'S HEALTH, Reflexology & general wellbeing, FERTILITY, MATERNITY, FACIAL REFLEXOLOGY, STRESS & ANXIETY, Swedish Massage, Pregnancy Massage.



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Facial Reflexology ‘Bergman’ method

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Swedish Massage

Girl sitting in bed. Young woman's hands touching her naked big belly. Heart shape created from cream. Care about perfect, soft and smooth skin in pregnancy time. Close up. Side view.

Pregnancy Massage

What is Reflexology?

It is a non-intrusive holistic therapy based on the theory that reflex points on the feet correspond with different areas of the body. When pressure is applied to these reflexes, it stimulates the movement of energy along nerve channels, thereby improving circulation and bringing balance (homeostasis) to the body. It creates deep relaxation which promotes healing on both a physical and emotional level. There are thousands of nerve endings in the human foot and each of these is a reflex point that corresponds to a part of the body. As reflex points are minute, the movements are quite precise and care is taken to cover all of them to ensure that the treatment is comprehensive and therefore a holistic treatment for the whole body.

Reflexology is not a therapy used to diagnose illness and is not a medical treatment, however it works alongside traditional medicine helping with stress which has such a detrimental effect on the many systems within the body that affects general health and well-being. It is also used to help alleviate symptoms associated with a huge number of health issues from chronic pain, fertility, IBS, arthritis, back pain, headaches, migraine, women’s health, menopausal issues, anxiety and sleep problems.

Association of Reflexologists (AOR)

I am a member of The Association of Reflexologists.

If you wish to find out more information about this organisation, then please click here to visit their website.

Frequently asked questions

Yes absolutely! Reflexology is very safe, even for people living with serious health conditions. It is a non-invasive treatment and comfortable and enjoyable to receive.

In order to fully benefit from this treatment, Ideally I would recommend a client takes a weekly treatment of up to 4-6 weeks followed by a fortnightly or a monthly session.

Loose, casual and comfortable clothing is recommended, as i like to work the lower areas of your legs (up to the knees) as well as your feet. You will be reclined comfortably on my massage couch and want to be able to relax without tight clothing or belts digging in. You will remain fully clothed at all times.

There is generally no pain. However, if there are any imbalances or blockages in your body, you may experience small twinges/tenderness or minor discomfort while these imbalances are being cleared. Typically a treatment will feel extremely relaxing and enjoyable.

Please don’t worry.  As a Reflexologist you will find we love feet!!All feet!! Every foot, every toe has a story to tell and I am constantly fascinated.  As part of the treatment, a hot mitt cleanse is carried out on all my clients.  Reflexology is not ticklish at all, it is a fairly firm touch, very relaxing and pleasurable experience.

Reflexology has a different effect on each individual, depending on their own circumstances. Most people I find tend to feel calm and chilled, relaxed or even sleepy, while others feel energetic and full of life.
Some people can experience the feeling of light headedness,  emotional sensitivity or extreme tiredness, but these are indications that the treatment is having a positive effect and these will only be short-term side effects and go away shortly after treatment.
Its important that whatever feelings you do experience, you discuss them before leaving the treatment room.  You will be provided with full aftercare advice.

Reflexologists are complementary therapists who support their clients well-being and treat the whole person, not just specific issues. The only way to experience the positive benefits of Reflexology is to come and try it!


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