Maternity Reflexology is Reflexology aimed specifically at women during pregnancy, labour and the post-natal periods.

Finding out you are pregnant is a happy time of joy and celebration but there are also times throughout the pregnancy when women may need some additional support - reflexology is one option for improving your wellbeing.

Clients may choose to have maternity reflexology as a way of relaxing and unwinding in a calm, tranquil space before their baby arrives. Some clients may feel a little anxious, emotional or worried and benefit enormously from receiving reflexology during pregnancy in that it allows time away from often busy lives and provides a time and space where you can focus purely on yourself and your baby.

Find out how reflexology can help your pregnancy

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Regular reflexology treatments during pregnancy can help to alleviate some of the most common issues including:

Nausea & Morning Sickness

Back ache


Constipation & Digestive issues



Stress and anxiety


Pelvic girdle pain

Swollen ankles and legs (oedema)

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Reflexology is one of the most relaxing complementary therapies you can choose to have during pregnancy. It is both safe and effective, improves your general wellbeing, is super relaxing and helps your body adjust to the major hormonal changes that are happening.

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing and many women adjust perfectly to the hormonal changes that are taking place. However, there are others who find the physical and emotional side effects of these hormonal changes hard to cope with.

Preparation for birth

As the due date approaches it may be beneficial to have more regular treatments to keep anxiety levels low and to keep the body in balance.
Research studies have found that reflexology during pregnancy reduces the time of first stage labour and may also decrease pain during labour.

Post natal reflexology

Reflexology at this time is especially important, it can encourage your body to heal and re balance and provides support for you emotionally.
Treatments can be shared with your baby and provide the opportunity to bond in a calming environment. Or they can be alone, giving you the time to re charge and feel better able to cope.

Reflexology during the post-natal period can support some common issues including:

anxiety and depression

hormonal imbalances

lactation problems

recovery following C-section

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Please Note:

Reflexology is a totally safe and complementary therapy  but it does not replace medical treatment. If you are in any doubt at all, please consult with your GP and Midwife prior to treatment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. Reflexology is a safe treatment during pregnancy if carried out by a trained professional like myself. Always check that your Reflexologist has completed advanced Maternity training and has the letters MAR after their name showing they are a member of the Association of Reflexologists (AOR). I am also a Complementary Therapist registered with FEDANT (Federation of Ante Natal Educators) and a qualified Reproductive Reflexologist & member of the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists (ARR).

There are however some contra indications and therefore it is important to carry out a full consultation with you to make sure it is appropriate.

Reflexology treatments are recommended at least once per month during pregnancy. With more frequent weekly treatments close to the due date, helping you with sleep issues, lymph drainage particularly swollen ankles and to promote relaxation.

Treatments take place at my calm & peaceful practice at my home in Ogmore By Sea. There is plenty of available parking and a large padded comfortable massage couch that has a back rest enabling you to relax in comfort. For heavily pregnant clients that are unable to travel to my practice home visits can be arranged. Please contact me for further information.

Reflexologists do not claim to induce labour, however the general view is that the therapy will aid relaxation and therefore help the body to relax and prepare for the birth.

Yes, absolutely. I only use very gentle organic products during Maternity Reflexology. I also have an organic maternity balm, unscented and vegan options.

Maternity Reflexology
Initial consultation + treatment 70mins
Further treatments – 60 mins £60

"During my own pregnancies, I suffered with severe pelvic girdle pain – this affected my sleep, made me emotional and unable to move freely.  A combination of Reflexology and Massage during this time was invaluable and gave me such huge relief"