Jul 16 2020

REFLEXOLOGY FOR SLEEP – 12 Tips for a Healthy Sleep

We all know how important it is for our Health and Wellbeing to get a good night’s sleep. Sometimes that’s easier said than done.  We have all been there tossing and turning trying to get to sleep and checking that clock.  For some it is a rare occurrence, but for others it happens all the…

Apr 30 2020


The Menopause or the dreaded “M” word is an important subject for a Reflexologist because almost all women will experience some symptoms along the way.  Are you feeling irritable? Are your periods erratic? Are you feeling low, moody? Night sweats? Sleep issues? Can’t concentrate….? Symptoms can vary, from a gradual decrease in periods to an…

Apr 20 2020

11 WAYS TO COPE WITH STRESS (under lockdown)

How are you all doing? It really is such a strange time in our lives at the moment.  As a wife, Mum and a small business owner, I’m definitely concerned about how things are going to work out over the next few months.  But I’m trying my best to follow the advice I’m giving to…