BASAL BODY TEMPERATURE – The Importance of Charting on your Fertility Journey

What is Basal Body Temperature?

Basal Body Temperature is the lowest body temperature attained during rest. It is usually estimated by a temperature measurement immediately after waking.

Basal Body Temperature and Fertility

Charting the menstrual cycle by taking the Basal Body Temperature at the same time each day is an excellent way of looking at the cycle in detail and also monitoring for improvements whilst using Reflexology.

For accuracy, the temperature needs to be taken orally (under the tongue) at the same time each day on waking, before getting out of bed, eating, drinking or speaking.  This provides the BBT at its lowest and most accurately measurable level.  It then means that a chart can be plotted to show the temperatures during the follicular and luteal phases of the menstrual cycle.  It should show a lower temperature during the follicular phase, a dip at ovulation and temperatures at a higher level post-ovulation (when progesterone is being produced).

Tracking your Basal Body Temperature is a key element in predicting ovulation and therefore a key part of our Reflexology treatments.

Fertility Consultations at The Reflexology Studio

All Fertility Consultations at The Reflexology Studio include a complementary information pack, complete with a BBT thermometer.

Other key elements of Reproductive Reflexology treatments will include:

  • Specific & prescriptive treatment protocols for both natural conception and assisted conception.
  • Specialised techniques & movements for conditions that may impact fertility such as PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids etc.
  • Tips on nutrition for fertility, exercise, supplements
  • Detailed look at Stress, Sleep and Lifestyle ( never underestimate the effect Stress has on fertility)
  • Support with temperature charting
  • ‘Homework’ – specific hand reflexology techniques that I will teach to perform at home (as appropriate).
  • Referral for further testing ie, sperm analysis/Andrologist (if appropriate)


Chrissy Bonner MAR, MARR

Chrissy is a full member of the (AOR) Association of Reflexologists, (ARR) Association of Reproductive Reflexologists, (CNHC) Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council, (FEDANT) Federation of Antenatal Educators.



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